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Hello Koalabunko.

I, Kanon Miyamoto, will send my book reports. 
My mom was very lazy. She forgot to send my book report last year.

I miss you all.

Bye  Kanon

Curious George and the Dinosaur  (1/01)

by Margret and H.A.Reys

Curious George went to the museum for a field trip.  The teacher, Mr.Jimmy told him to not get in trouble.  But did George listen to what the teacher, Mr.Jimmy said?  *No*  He climbed up the dinosaur bones and made every one very curious about the dinosaur.  Then the police came and tried to let George come down before he damages the dinosaur.  However the teacher said that George made his class really curious about the dinosaur so they just let George come down from the dinosaur.

I really like George, especially this book.  I thought that George would be caught by the police.

I recommend this book for a person who is a fan of Curious George because I am one of them.

The Long, Blue Blazer  (11/00)

This story is about a boy who always wore his blue blazer.  When he went to school his teacher told him to take off his long blue blazer but the boy said he was cold.  So the teacher let him ware the blue blaser.  The boy didn't even took off his long blue blazer.  It was time to leave school.  The boys mom did not come.  The boys mom live far away.  So the teacher said to a girls mom to let him stay for tea.

Then when they were in the girls house she said to take off the long blue blazer but the boy said no.  When the bed time came, the boy and the girl went to bed.  Just in the midle of the night, the girl saw the window.  It was mistery.  The boy flew from the window and the girl saw a tail on the boy!

I thought that boy was an alien or an animal that has funny looking tail.  I thought the boy had to hid his tail with the long blue blazer.  I want to have a long blue blazer because I want to hide my tail that's on my bottom.

I want to recommend this book for a person who likes misterys.

Rainbow Fish to the Rescue (10/00)

by Marcus Pfister

Rainbow fish was playing with the other fishs.  They all had a sparkly scale.  One day when Rainbowfish was playing flash tap with his friends, one striped fish that had no scale said that he wanted to play with them.  But one fish that had a sparkly scale refused because the striped fish had no scale.  So sadly the striped fish went away.  Just then ran a shark.  Rainbow fish and the others were safe because they hid in a crack.  Then Rainbow fish saw the striped fish near the shark.  So Rainbow fish said that even though that fish is not our group we have to save that fish.  So they did.  Angrily the shark ran away.  Rainbow fish said to the striped fish that we can play fin tag instead of flash tag. So they did fin tag in the deep blue sea.  

Rainbow fish saved the striped fishs life.  so I am proud of Rainbow fish because I did not even saved  a persons life.  Not even once.  I love the Rainbow fishs books.  These two books  have happy endings.  I want YOU to read this book.

I Hate You, Marmalade!  (9/00)

by Monica Kulling

This story is about a boy and a cat.  The cats name was Marmalade. Marmalade did a lot of things that the boy did not want her to do.  Such as when it was breakfast time Marmalade was sitting on the boys chair. 

One day when the boy went to play on his new firetruck.  What do you think he saw!  Marmalade!  Marmalade was sitting on the boys firetruck.  So the boy said"Go away."  Then Marmalade scrached the boys hand.  So the boy went to call his mother.  His mother said"Didn't you pest Marmalade?"  The boy said "No  she pests me."  Then the boy went to see his fire truck.   He did not see Marmalade.  He say Alison the next door.  Alison was older than the boy and she always pests him.  Then she got on the firetruck and ran.  She did not stop.   the boy ran after her.  Just then.  Marmalade jumped over Alison.  Alison stoped and ran away.  The boy was really proud of Marmalade.  The next morning, at breakfast marmalade was sitting on the boys Dads chair.  So the boys dad sat on the boys mons chair.  Then Dad asked, "How is Marmalade."  so the boy said "Preaty good."  

I like this book because the boy now loves Marmalade.  I want to recommend this book to a person who is not nice to cats. 

Draw Me a Star (8/00)

By Eric Carle

This book is about an artist. He draw a lot of things, such as stars, people, animals, flowers.

The last page there was a letter from Eric Carle. It said that his grandma wrote a poem. I will tell you the poem. 

KriKra Toads foot Geese walk bare foot.

I like this book because the artist draw things. in the whole, wide world I recommend this book for artists.


Teddy's Friend  (7/00)


This book is about a bear. He was looking for his friend and finally he found his friend. I feel happy that he found his friend. I want to recommend this book for people who like bears.


Franklin goes to school  (7/00)            

By Paulett Bourgeouk  Brendaclark

This book is about the first day of scool for Franklin.  He came back and said to her family that it was good.  That reminds me about my new day of Futaba elementary school.  The first day was July third.  I'm getting use to it.  I like this book because Franklin loved school 
I recommend this book for a person who went to another school or became the first grade because I am one of those people.



By Francoise & Frederic Joos

This story is a great story.  The stonemans dream came true.  Don't you feel glad when your dream comes ture?  I think he thought the same way. The stoneman is big and tall.  He met agirl called Sarah.  Sarah was the girl who granted the stone mans whish and also they became freinds.  That's why that Sarah and stone man became friends.  I like this book because the stonemans dream came true.

I recomend this book for a person who whants his or her dream come true.

The Garden Fairy (6/00)

by Helen Jacobs

The garden fairy is very small but the pumpkin is very big. It is a very good book so please read it. This is a question. There are alot of pumpkin in the world but how much does the biggest pumpkin in the whole wide world weit. The answer is 342 kilogram. It's like two sumo reslers. It is amazing. I want to recommend this book for a person who is amazed with fairys and pumpkins.


The Three Billy Goats Gruff (5/00)

by Harriet Ziefert

This is a story about three goats. They lived on a hill but there were not many grass. They wanted to go to the other side of the bridge that had fresh green grass. The smallest goat couldn't wait to cross the bridge so he went. Then the troll appeared. The troll said that he will eat the goat up but the goat said that his brother was fatter and taster so the troll let the gout cross the bridge. Next the little goat crossed the bridge. The same thing happend. The goat said that his brother was more fatter so the troll let the goat cross the bridge. Next the great big goat appeared but the gout kicked the troll high into the air. Then the big goat could cross the bridge. 

I like this book because the goats could eat fresh green grass. I like this book because the big goat kicked the troll. I do not like this book because the troll is nasty and likes to eat goats. I want to recommend this book for some one who likes trolls.