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Updated 4/17/01
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Koala Bunko is an affiliate  of ICBA, International Children's Bunko Association

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For information on ICBA and other affiliates, please call: 03-3496-8688


This page was last updated: 04.16.2001  
Koala Bunko members are elementary -school aged children who  attend Japanese public schools, and who wish to retain and advance their English skills. Our members consist of  returnees and native English speakers who live in the Musashino area of Tokyo.

We had a glorious day for our annual welcome to spring barbecue in Inokashira Park. 14 March was our last regular Koala meeting before the spring break: we were very sorry to say goodbye to our Big Koalas, who
won't be able to join us any more after they move up to junior high school in April. However, we are of course looking forward to welcoming new Koalas with the start of the new school year! 

Koalas - enjoy your spring holidays- and remember to bring in those wonderful book reports to our next meeting
in April!

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1) What do hedgehogs do in the winter? 2) Who tries to eat the small hedgehog?