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Virtual Fieldtrip - 2

Benson High School

This public high school’s website was done almost entirely in green, which might delight the students if the school color is green, but is very hard on the eyes. The navigation bar listed no less than 25 categories in alphabetical order in the left column. Alphabetising being the only organization to the contents makes it difficult to conceptualise the big picture of the site. The overall impression is that this is a team event, with a lot of school spirit, and people, involved, which is not undesirable for the organization.

Some pages were well organized and written, though on each page the long navigation column (same as TOC) appeared on the right, in green. Continuity between pages was through use of this very prominent navigation column, the color green, and the school banner. The pages I liked the best were those which were updated frequently, like the Daily Bulletin page, and Newsletters, and felt these were the most valuable pages for students and parents at the school.