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Tips, Tricks and Golden Nuggets of Wisdom

Taking this course has provided many lessons on website development. First, I was astounded with how easy it is to create a website using FrontPage 2000. Keeping to form, I did not write one line of HTML myself; instead I relied on Frontpage to do it all. However, since I was lacking HTML knowledge, when I encountered a problem, like having a hyperlink work fine in one browser but not in another, I had no idea how to troubleshoot the problem.

I was amazed at how easy it is to insert hyperlinks and graphics. I was surprised at how similar FrontPage is to Adobe Pagemaker, especially in regard to templates and style sheets. I found searching for images on the internet to be very time-consuming, but worth the effort. I actually bought a scanner and tried to install it, but have not been able use it yet. No problem! There are plenty of free images on the internet, though eventually I would like to get my scanner up and running so I can personalize my sites and send out photos by email. To search for images, use any search engine and the words "free images." Guaranteed to bring up thousands of sites.

There are also many sites which offer the web designer a cornucopia of themes, buttons, horizontal lines, bullets and anything else you might need to spice up a page. Search for "free web buttons" or  whatever you need. A note about saving any images when downloading: To save time, save images directly into your web image folder, so you won't have to move them later.

I learned a lot about finding free web space, and the differences in publishing a web to WPPs which support FrontPage 2000, and those which do not. In total, I published my web with 3 different WPPs. Two of them supported FrontPage and made uploading easy, and one did not support FrontPage, and was tedious to upload. Once the webs were uploaded, however, there were more surprises. The quality of loading pages, the sound they make, and the efficiency of the page loads differed considerably. The worse in terms of quality was one of the FrontPage-supporting WPPs: page loads were sometimes incomplete or unable to load, and a funny double-clicking sound was heard when pages loaded. So, I recommend shopping around. Check out the other pages published by the WPP before subscribing, and ask around to see if anyone has a good WPP to recommend.