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Homeschooling  Support

School Support Services (SSS) at Christian Academy in Japan (CAJ)

1-2-14 Shinkawa-cho, Higashi Kurume shi, Tokyo 203-0013. Tel: 0424-71-3694. E-mail:

This is part of the Educational Support Services division of the Christian Academy in Japan. CAJ is a Christian school that was established to meet the educational needs of evangelical missionaries' children.  Members of SSS include children attending Japanese school supported by English tutoring at home, and children who are completely homeschooled in English. Membership inquiries should be directed to Ms. Flossie Epley.

Homeschooling in Japan
This is a website for full-time homeschoolers in Japan and those who supplement Japanese education with English homeschooling. The website provides information on networking with other parents (via events and newsgroup), and provides a well-researched and impressive array of links and articles on homeschooling and education in Japan. 
Jon's Homeschool Resource Page
If you're interested in knowing more about how homeschooling is done in the U.S., this is a good place to start. Lists websites, online discussion and support groups, and more in an easy to view format. 

Where to Find English Children's Books

On-line Booksellers. You probably have your own favorite online bookseller. Here is our favorite U.S.-based website for dependability and fast delivery:

In Japanese, Japan and Sky Soft sell English books.

Retail Stores.  Foreign Buyers Club (FBC) is a mail-order American-style grocery store in Japan, which includes a Bookstore section. Children's books, workbooks, videotapes and magazines are featured. Bookstore Fiona, is located in Jiyugaoka, a 5-min. walk from the Toyoko-line. The bookstore specializes in English children's books and educational materials. The Homeschooling in Japan website  has many more retail store listings at:

International Schools Book Fairs and Flea Markets. 
American School in Japan (ASIJ). 1-1-1 Nomizu, Chofu, Tokyo. Tel: 0422-34-5300.   
Sidewalk Sale- Sunday, May 21, 2000  
ASIJ hosts a sidewalk sale twice a year: on Sunday, May 21, and again in  mid-November. This is a garage sale for ASIJ faculty and staff, and many of them have children who are clearing their bookshelves for a little extra spending money (yen10 - 200 per book). 
Holiday Happening. The first Saturday of December, the PTA hosts this festival, which is open to the public. The Boy Scouts have a large Used Book Sale at this event.
American School in Japan Nursery-Kindergarten (ASIJ N-K). 15-5 Aobadai 2-chome, Meguro-ku, Tokyo. Tel: 03-3461-4523.  Each December the N-K holds a Bookfair featuring new books for younger children.
Christian Academy in Japan Thrift Shop - mid-April  
1-2-14 Shinkawa-cho, Higashi Kurume shi, Tokyo 203-0013. Tel: 0424-71-3694.
This is a twice yearly event; in addition to the April Thrift Shop, there is one held in mid-October as well. Reasonable prices on books, used clothes and goods.  
Tokyo Union Church Bazaar (Omotesando) - mid-March
The annual bazaar was Thurs, March 16-17.  There is a small number of books for sale there.

Scholastic Books.
The Scholastic International Sales Representative in Japan is Keiko Niwano, 5-7-7 Kashiwa-cho, Shiki-shi, Saitama 353;
tel/fax: 048-474-2323;e-mail: Book club kits for various grade levels contain approximately 30 order forms, and are not intended for individual order. If you have an English club or home study group that can consolidate orders, contact Reshma Pujabi  at, or Keiko Niwano to see about membership.
If you have a connection to a group which currently orders from Scholastic (such as an international school), it may be worth the effort to ask if you can place orders through them. Ordering (member) groups accumulate points based on sales that go toward free books and prizes.
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Reading & Writing Tips from Koala Parents

Here are some of the tips gathered from parents for the Book Report Workshop on June 7, 2000:

Book Report Writing Tips from Frances

Reading and Writing Tips from Stacy

Reading and Writing Tips from Keiko (in Japanese)

Marie's Writing and Book Report Tips