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Koala members! Here's a new way to show how much you know.

Just listen very carefully to the story read at the Koala meetings. Within the next 3 days after the meeting, there will be two questions about the story posted on the Koala Bunko homepage. 

Answer the questions by clicking on the e-mail address for Koala Bunko,

In your e-mail message write the answers to the questions, AND YOUR NAME.

You will receive an e-mail reply from a Koala Bunko parent whether you got the answers right or not. For every correct answer, you will also receive a Koala Mark on your page on this website. The mark will look like a Koala's face:

    Good luck to all !!!           


Previous Quizzes

Quiz #1:  Caps for Sale
1) How much was the peddler charging for his caps?
2) At the end of the story, the peddler threw his checked cap on the ground. What did the monkeys do?
Quiz #2:  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie  
1) What happened when the boy gave the mouse a cookie?   
2) What did the mouse want to do when the boy read to him from a picture book? 
Quiz #3:  Little Wolf and the Upstairs Bear
1) Can you name 3 or more animals that lived in the apartment building?  2) What did Little Wolf go up without using the elevator?
Quiz #4:The Rainbow Fish  by Marcus Pfister
1) What was the octopus's advice to be friends with the other fish?  
2) Who was the first friend of rainbow fish?
Quiz #5: Degas and the Little Dancer
1) What was the little dancer's name?  
2) What was the colour of the ribbon in her hair?
Quiz #6: Too Many Pumpkins  by Linda White
1) What did Rebecca Estelle make with the pumpkins? (Name as many as you can!)   2) What did Rebecca Estelle hate?