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Kids' Links



Koala Bunko members! Let us know if you try one of the links below, and how you liked it. Also, please send in your favorite website addresses to, and it might appear in this listing in the near future (submissions subject to review and parent approval)!

Educational Links

Language Arts

The Internet Public Library . Find links to on-line storybooks and websites on any topic of study or interest. 

Book Adventure After reading a book (picture, chapter book, or novel), children can take a comprehension quiz at this website, and earn points each time. The range of books is quite varied, but not exhaustive, so children may want to check which titles are available (done by searching by author, title, etc.) before reading for points. Parent assistance is required to set up an account on this website with an email address, name and password. There is no purchase of goods required.


The Nine Planets An overview of the planets in our solar system, complete with images, can be found at this site. 

Your Gross and Cool Body Ever wonder why your body passes gas or what the purpose is of ear wax? These subjects and more are covered at this website, along with scientific experiments you can try at home with parent help.

U.S. Social Studies

The White House for Kids Take a white house tour with the white house pets, learn about children who have lived in the white house, and look up historical facts at this site.

History Channel Find out what happened on this day in U.S. history! You can also search for historical facts that happened on your birthday. Subject areas include the civil war and technology, among others. 

Biography Website Many current and historical American icons are featured on this website. Look here for biographies on famous historical figures, or to find out which U.S. icons were born on your birthday!

Fun Links

Blue Mountain Arts Send an e-greeting to a friend or relative on their birthday, or for a special holiday. It's fun to do, and free! This site is also a very good source for free, seasonal (U.S.) screen-savers for keeping an up-to-the-(U.S.) season desktop.

PBS Website Do you like Teletubbies or Elmo? If so, click on to this link for games and more.

Barbie Design your own Barbie by selecting the hair style, make-up, and fashion you like best. No purchase is required.