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How Did You Like Poetry Day?

From our members, here are some impressions of Poetry Day, May 24, 2000.  You can still add your comments by e-mail to

Mario & Anna's Mother:  "Both children enjoyed reciting their poem, and watching the video after. They were also curious to see what costumes etc. other children had for their poems. I only saw the video, but the idea seems to have been a great success -- let's make it a regular Koala event!  As a teacher, I know it's a very good exercise to memorise poetry. So it's educationally/linguistically beneficial as well as being fun!

Yuki: Poem Day was very fun. And Motomi's was very funny! Mami and Ayako were very cute!

Eri: The Poem Day was very fun. I didn't practice so much. But it was good. And Motomi's poem was very funny.

Yuki & Eri's Mother: It was very interesting and funny. Everybody could do their best. I enjoyed their poems very much.

Keita: At first, it was hard to remember the lines. But finally, I could on the day before, and I enjoyed drawing the picture which I would show while reciting. I was sorry I was absent on that day.

Keita's Mother: He seemed to be reluctant to perform the poem in front of the audience, but once he had decided, he was active enough. For me, it was difficult to find the proper rhythm of the poem.

Ayako: I was very strained.

Ryoichi: I was a little uncomfortable. I want to do it again.

Ayako & Ryoichi's Mother: I think it was a great plan!

Kai: I don't like it.

Kai's Mother: From a picture book, the children could each remember one page and tell about it in their own words. Let's not leave this kind of event as a once only event. For the ICBA Christmas party, I think we could do something similar, and "kill two birds with one stone."

Mami: I was embarassed, but it was fun. Mine was a nursery rhyme, a little different from everyone else's, so I was a little confused. I want to try again.

Mami's Mother: This time was the first time to see it, so I was a little worried. But looking and hearing, it was very enjoyable. The way the children thought and planned for it was great. It's good for the children to have a goal like this to aim for sometimes. In addition to poems, simple book readings, songs, etc. would be fine I think.