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Biographical Sketch


I am a native Southern Californian who four years ago, moved with my family to Tokyo, Japan. I and my husband have two wonderful children, Nathan, 13, and Elissa, 8. Nathan attends international school in Tokyo, where only English is spoken, and Elissa attends Japanese school where only Japanese is spoken. Both are thriving in the offerings of both educational systems and cultures (though not without the initial problems you might expect). I have become an active observer of Japanese education and international school education, and I have gained first-hand, hard-earned insight on raising bi-lingual children in an international setting.

I've worked as a journalist and editor for seven years. I have designed newsletters and magazine pages using Pagemaker, and have some skills in Photoshop.  I also have had the experience of forming a  non-profit group in the U.S. While my current job is teaching English, much of my time is spent working with the many groups who provide a sense of community to our family, like Koala Bunko, the subject of this website project. For relaxation,  I enjoy cooking, outings with friends, and reading. My favorite authors are John Grisholm and Ann Tyler; Last book read, Harry Potter, The Sorcerer's Stone.