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Here is my Biographical Sketch...

I'm a California native, married, with two children, currently living in Tokyo. I've lived here for 4 years this time around, and 3 years previously. My interests include bi-lingual education and community work, both of which are related to raising children in a foreign land. Hobbies include photography, finding great food in Tokyo restaurants, Japanese ceramics, California wines, touring around on bicycle.

B.A. in psychology from USC.

Skills and Employment
Mostly in publishing/communications. Published Japanese-language newsletter in Silicon Valley (1989-91) for families new to the area. Helped to transform newsletter idea into a non-profit center for newcomers, which is still running today. In Tokyo, worked for American School in Japan. Managing editor of K-12 newsletter, co-editor of alumni magazine.

Skills in desktop publishing (Pagemaker and some Photoshop), writing and editing, Japanese language.
Now teaching English part-time while exploring a pressing interest in bi-lingual education (since youngest is now attending Japanese public school).

Objectives for Course
I'd like to be able to put together a website for a community group or future employer. There seems to be a lot of overlap between print and web publishing, especially in researching and writing the content. I have experience in researching, writing, editing and soliciting content, but need to learn new skills to organize information into a web page. I may apply this to a future job in communications, or my work with community groups.