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Yuki's Page

All About Me



Balloon Farm (2/01)

This is my home Book., anD this is Fun. Because The FaRm has lots of vegetables or something. But This FaRm is a Balloon 

The Bear Went Over the Mountain

This Book is a song Book. 

I like The Picture.

This is a Bear Book.  So Mary HaD a Liittle Bear.  Bear Hunt! is Funny!   Long song and short.


I Spy

This is Fun.  The Book is very Big! anD Big Picture's.  I like This Book






Doll Party (7/00)

By Shirley Albert

This is Fun.

The Mouse had a doll For Grandma. The mouse skipped and slept She cried. Mom saiD "Do not cry." Doll and the Mouse had a bath, and went to sleep.

The next Day go to the Party!


Franklin HAS A SLEEPOVER (6/00)

Franklin Love SLEEPOVER! anD He ASked HiS mother "Bear coliD Stay.?" But the motheR said "But where will Bear sleep?" Franklin said "we coulD sleep in the living Room" But Mother said "NO" and Franklin Ask the Bear anD the Bear said "I can come! I can com!" in the NigHt. the Bear and Frankli Sleep in the Frankli Room!

I Liek SleepOVeR too!


Hello House  (5/00)


This is Fun. Rabbit Family Go to Picnic. The WoLf HiDes in their house. RaBBit comes Back. Why the Door open? RaBBit steps up to the Door. Does He go inside? No! He said "HeLLO HOUSe" anD the woLf said "HeLLo to you too."


TOM the TV Cat (5/00)

This is Fun!

the tom is a cat.

He LiveD in a Fish store.

In the House, He DiD HOUSEWORK. 




This is Fun.

ARTHUR'S and MUFFY Birthday is sem.

Everyone sed "surprise!!"





Chocolat Chippo Hippo

This is Fun.

Ed is a Hippo. He loves all kinds fo cookies!! But most Favorite cookies are chocolate chip cookies. He has a chocolate chip cookies suit. and sungloasses.



No Way!

This is fun.

The Girl's mommy said "get up" But she said "No way". Then Daddy said "Eggs for Breakfast" But she Said "No Way". The Girl said Mommy "No Way."