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Ryoichi's Page

All About Me



The Missing Piece  (1/01)

Shel Silverstein

"It" tries to find the missing piece. "It" found the perfect piece but "It" can't sing.

If I was "It", I would not talk and be happy if I found the piece. I think it will be hard to talk. I like to talk so I don't want to be "It".  I wonder why "It" is not sad.


Sarah, Plain and Tall

Patricia MacLachlan

This story is about the new mother. This mother is almost same as the old mother.

I thought it will be hard to live with a new family. Also, I think it will be very hard to live with a new mother that you do not know.


Albert Einstein

I thought it was hard for Einstein to get a Nobel Prize. I wonder what the "theory of relativity" is.

Einstein was born in Munich, Germany. He taught at The University of Zurich, Berlin. He wrote a lot of things on the exam paper of the Swiss Federal Polytecnic School.

I think the theory of relativity is...



Solve It!

James F. Fixx

This book has a lot of puzzles. There are also games you can play with your friends.

There are puzzules of words, math, and so on.

Puzzle 1:   Use only 9s to make 1000.        A: 999  999/999

Puzzle 2:  Put 9 pigs into 4 pigpens so each pen has an odd number of pigs





Silver Wings  (7/00)

R.A. Montgomery

"Silver Wings" is a book you can choose an adventure. There is a thing at the bottom of the page that says "go to the next page" or "go to page 00" or "if you 0000, go to page 00." I first picked "If you decide to return to homebase for help, go to page 99" at page 14 and the second time I picked "If you decide to land immediately, turn to page 6" at page 94. Then I ended at page 15 where you  earn Silver Wings. I think I am lucky.

I like this story because you can choose your choice. It was my first time I read this type of books. I want to read more books of this type.


The Witches (6/00)

By Roald Dahl     Illustrated by Quentin Blake

Real witches hate children. Real witches wear gloves, and are bald. At a big hotel, the witches make a meeting and Bruno Jenkins turns into a mouse.

This book had lots of funny parts. I like the part where a witch dissappears. I wonder where they get the recipe of the Formula 86 Action Mousemaker.



Johanna Hurwitz

Lucas is a student in Mrs. Hockaday's third grade class. He has a friend named Julio. First Lucas hated Cricket Kaufman, the class star, but in the end, Lucas got to like Cricket a little. There are chapters about a classplay, Mr. Mime, and the last day of school for third grade.

I think Lucas is very funny. I want to meet Lucas some time.


George's Marvelous Medicine  (5/00)

By Roald Dahl

George has the worst grandmother. Then, George thinks about a medicine to cure her. He puts everything in the house EXEPT the medicine. His father said if you use it the wrong way, you might kill a person. He put things like shampoo and car oil. His grandmother drank it she got very tall. Then she drank another medicine and got small, smaller, smaller, then she disappears.

I like the part where George puts a lot of things in the medicine. It is very funny.


The Queen of Death (4/00)

by John Milne

This book was a little scary.  I wonder what Salahadin did after he returned.

This story is about smugglers trying to get Queen Axarte's treasure.  I think it is good for people who like action stories.  I think this story is too short.  I like longer books.


The New Kid on the Block  (4/00)

poems by Jack PRELUTSKY

I wondered what type of poems were in the book before I started reading. When I read the book, I realized it was very funny. It had poems like, The cuckoo in our cuckoo clock was wedded to an octopus, she laid a single wodden egg, and hatched a cuckoocloctopus.

There are more funny poems in this book