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Magic Tree House #13 Vacation Under the Volcano  (2/01)

by Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie are whisked by the magic tree house to Pompeii to save a book that is going to be covered in ash and pumice! They nearly get stuck in pumice but they remember what Morgan said "In your darkest hour only the ancient story can save you" so they call help to the story. Then Hercules appears and saves them. The title of that story was "The Strongest Man in the World".


Magic Tree House Tonight on the Titanic (1/01)

by Mary Pope Osborne

By the magic tree house Jack and Annie are whisked on the Titanic, because they have to get four gifts to free a dog under a spell. This story is about the first gift. They save Lucy and William from the sinking Titanic. In return they give their dad's watch. (The watch is the gift!)

If you start reading it you'll have to read it!!


Can You Hear A Shout In Space? (7/00)

by Melvin and Gilda Berger

This book was written in question and answer style. I already knew some of the answers, but the part about space exploration in the future was the part that was most interesting for me. The Japanese company Shimizu is planning to build a space hotel!  I would like to stay in it if I can. There are plans to have colonies on Mars. I think it's a clever idea to have giant mirrors to reflect sunlight to regulate the temperature in living domes. After I read this book we looked at the NASA website on Daddy's computer and stored some Hubble photos!!! They are interesting and beautiful!



by Dinah L. Moche

I liked this book because I like planets and stars, because I like looking at them with my telescope and I learned quite a lot about gravity and how big the planets and stars are. Most stars are bigger than the sun!!!! I was shocked! I am curious whether there are other intelligent beings in the universe. I found out that most of the planets have moons.


Magic Tree House: Tigers at Twilight

Mary Pope Osborne

Jack and Annie and Teddy get whirled to India by the magic tree house. Teddy is a dog that is cursed with a spell. (I think Teddy is Morgan.)  So Jack, Annie and Teddy land in a jungle. Two monkeys help them get through the jungle. They help a tiger from a trap and they nearly got eaten by the tiger!! this book is very interesting, so why don't you read it too?!


The Magic School Bus At The Water Works (5/00)

By Joana Cole

I learned a lot about the water cycle and water purification system. On page 8-9 there are funny things one is, that is the mould is talking mould language and a picture of a plant had sunglasses and a hand! The book said that fluoride is added to water to stop kids from getting holes in their teeth. We checked if our toothpaste had fluoride in it -- and it did.


The Secret of Foghorn Island (5/00)

By Geoffrey Hayes

Adventure stories are my favourite kind of stories, so that's why I chose this book. When Otto and Uncle Tooth go to the inn and talk with Jack Whiskers and Captain Poopdeck about the strange shipwrecks and the lost golden bell, then Otto and Uncle Tooth go to find the golden bell and solve the mystery. It was scary because a tree had a scary face!


Hour of the Olympics (4/00)

by Mary Pope Osborne

Next Jack and Annie go to Greece and watch the Olympics. The book was not as interesting as the other Magic Tree House books. I think it's not fair because women and girls are not allowed to go to the Olympics. If I were in the Olympics I would do bobsleigh and skiing.


The Ghost Bus (4/00)

by Alan Marks

This book is spooky when they get on the ghost bus. The river was flowing very fast 20 years ago and a boy was drowning but a bus driver helped him. The same river flooded again at the same time 20 years later. Jack and Tina missed the school bus to go home so they accidentally got on the ghost bus! I think the ghost bus driver was the bus driver who rescued the boy 20 years ago because he said he could not reach him any more. So Jack and Tina had to rescue another boy who was drowning.


The Magic School Bus Inside the Earth (3/00)

by Joanna Cole

The kids go inside the earth in the magic school bus. because they were studying rocks and soil.. I want to stop dowing kokugo and mathematics and instead I would like to have field trips like Miss Frizzle's class. It was funny when they were in the centre of the world and they put on the air conditioning because it was hot - about 6500 C! So it had to be a magic bus not to burn to a frizzle!!!