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Regular Meetings
Meetings are held on every other Wednesday, from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. at the Yon-chu Center Building in Musashino. During the first hour, the Book & Video Lending Library is open, and tables for Book Reports, Reading Aloud, and Q&A's are staffed by parent volunteers. 
Book & Video Lending Library
Children select and check-out books from our library of over 400 childrens' books and 50 videos. The books range from early readers through chapter books, suitable for elementary schoolers.
Book Report Table
Our members are given a journal which they bring back and forth to meetings. At home, they write book reports on any book they please. On meeting days, they share their report with a native- English speaker parent, who staffs this table. Improvement in writing skills, and other comments are noted in the journal.
Reading Table
Children choose a book to read aloud at this table. They are encouraged to choose from a special section of books which are  marked with standard reading levels. A parent makes an entry in the notebook on the reading level and title of books read.
Q & A Table
Pick a card, any card! Here, children choose an index card from a pile, and answer the question written on the back. Oral skills are practiced.
Story Time/Game
After the hour, children gather in a circle and listen to a story read by one of the native-English speaking parents. A group game played in English follows.
Snack& Free Play / Parent Meeting
The last half hour is reserved for snack and free play for the children, and a meeting for the parents.

Special Events
Halloween Party
Christmas Party

End-of-the-School-Year Awards

Spring Picnic