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All About Me



A story by A. A. Milne

The Pooh climb the tree to eat some Hunny. He was nearly to the hole but he dropped ten feet on the branch below him. Pooh ask to Christopher Robin that he has a ballon. Pooh used balloon to get some honney. he went up and up. But the bee start to attack Pooh.


Halloween Parade (6/00)

This book is Fun! It is about Halloween. Allie has to do alot of things for Halloween. she maked Ja-co-lantern. She had to choose a costume, cape and a mask. She olso maked tirck-or-treat bags.

 next day was Halloween day, so she Hurry to shcool. And She get the [MOST SCARY]  PRIZE!


It's the Bear!  (5/00)

by Jez Alborough

I like this book becaus it is fun. Eddie and mom go to wood for picnic. Mom forgot to bring the blueberry pie so she went home to get it. Then when Eddie was waiting the big bear came. The bear ate all the food. And then mom came back. But the bear ate the blueberry pie!  Then mom ran to home with Eddie!


Doll Party (5/00)

Becky bougth a doll from Grandma. Becky asked her mom "May I have a Party?" Then mom say "Yes" so Becky went to ask her frends to come Party. She asked nan, mary, and Jill.  But she sliipt and her doll was dirty.  but mom washed the doll.  Next day she has a fun doll Party.


Cloudy with a chace of meat balls (4/00)

This story is funny.  The tiny town dons't snow and rain. One day, I't rained but it was like juice and soup.  I't snowed mashed potatoes and green peas.  And some day the wind blew in storms of Humburgers.  The pepol in the town ate Humburgers. breds, Hot dogs, orang juice, (ets). Out side.  Then the Spaghettities up town.  So the car and truk cant move.  And the huse Pancake coverd the school.


Now Way  (3/00)

In This Book the gril only Said. "NO WAY. She want to sit on the front of the car But the Dad sade "NO WAY..  So she sit on the bake of the car. But when she goes to her granma's house.  mam and dad say "okay..  And She eat the cookie's.

the end

Winne the pooh ant Honey Patch  (2/00)

This book was very good. The funny one was pooh said "Inded".
Pooh Think He can make a Honey tree.  And He Planted the pot.  But the Honey didn't groun up.  Pooh whet a whet. But it didn't came out.


Monster Party  (5/99)

This story is about monster Party. Frankie's friend goes to frankie's house. Frankie's friend's wears spooky costume.  Everyone make spooky jack-o'-lanterns. Next they play hide-and-ghost-seek. Then they eat snak. When they ate all snak, friend goes home.