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Knights of the Kitchen Table (11/00)

by Jon Scieszka

On Joe's birthday, he got a strange present from his uncle, Joe the Magnificent. Uncle Joe was a magician who always gave him strange presents. His present was a book called "The Book." His friend, Fred, opened the book and said they wanted to go see the knights in the book. At once they went back in time.

Back in time they made a knight who tried to kill them faint. They tricked a giant, and made everyone in the town think they were a god. 

When they made the knight faint, Fred stuck his stick in the knights chest like he found a new land. When Fred, Joe and Sam got to the town, they did a little card trick. Everyone thought they were the best. The funny part was when they tricked the giant. I will not tell you how this happened because it is such a good book that you should read it.

If you want to read this book you can also read the other books in the series. The series is called The Time Warp Trio. It is like the Magic Tree House books.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (8/00)

In every city or countryside there's a family or person who is poor. In this story Charlie and his family is poor. Charlie's house is a one-bedroom place. Charlie is a little boy who lives with his mother, father, both sides of his mothers and fathers parents. 

In this town that Charlie lives in there is a graet chocolate factory. Charlie loves chocolate. only on his birthday he gets a bar of chocolate.

Mr. Wonka owned that factory. He made stuff know one else could make.

One day the newspaper said Mr. Willie Wonka is putting 5 golden tickets in some chocolate bars. Who ever gets a golden ticket can go in side the factory and know all his secrets. No one went in Mr. Wonka's factory in so long (even workers.) In a week it was charlies birthday. He wished so much to go in the chocolate factory.

Every nite Charlie went to his grandma's and grandpa's, and another grandpa and grandmas bed. His grandparents all sleped on one big bed. Grandpa Joe was the one who was the most fun to be around. Grandpa Joe told good and long storys (but short if you realy like the storys he told.) It was the day of charlies birthday. This time on his birthday he got a chocolate bar with fuge inside (I think). When Charlie opened it he didn't see a golden ticket. He was very disapointed. He ate a little piece of this new bar of chocolate. The he went to school. When he came back grandpa Joe was the only one awake. The old man put his hand under his pillow. In his hand he had 25 cents.he gave it to charlie.

"Go buy the first chocolate bar you see." he said. Charlie came back with one chocolate bar in his hand. It had nuts inside. He and grandpa Joe opened it together. NO TICKET!

One day after school on the street Charlie found 50 cents. He went to the sweet shop. Charlie got a chocolate bar like the one he got on his birthday. He did not find a ticket but he was so skinny he didn't care. He bott another. This time a GOLDEN TICKET was in the wrapper. The day came when the factory doors opened to the kids with the tickets.

It was incretible inside. The workers were creatures called oompaloompas. They loved chocolate so thats how the guys came. they went on a glass boat. everybody didn't follow Mr. Wankas directions so soon every one was gone. Charlie was the only one left. Mr. Wonka said to Charlie, "I am very old. You won. I am picking you to be the next owner for this factory." 

Now Charlie lives with his family in the chocolate factory. 

I think this book is funny and the author has a lot of imagination.


The Wump World  (7/00)

by Bill Peet

Wumps were creatures who only lived on the land of wumps. wumps were funny looking. They looked like a lamb and a camle. They eat grass. They lived far away from earth. The wumps were the only creatures living on the world of wumps. But one day people with blue faces came on rockets. The blue faced people followed their leader. The leader claimed the land and he started to build a big city. Big monsters came out of a rocket. The wumps had to hide. The city got so big lots of smoke came from the buildings, the people were mad at the leader. The wumps got hungry. there was only a little food left for the wumps. The blue people got so mad they moved. And the wumps had their world back.

This is a very interesting book. I was happy when the wumps got their land back.


Science in a Bag (6/00)

This book has lots of fun things to do. There are stiky things, some things with mold, and lots more. I have done a yeast one and a tea bag one and a egg one. My favorite one was the yeast one. The egg one did not work. People who like science will like this book. You can learn more and now I know some things my parents learned in 7th grade.

Even people who don't like science will maybe like this book too.



Ramona is funny. Beezus is Ramon's big sister. Ramona wants her father to stop smoking. She tries everything. Beezus helps. Ramona wants a Million Dollars because her family is poor. She puts on a crown of burs on her head. Her father picks the burs out of her hair. It's very funny.

The Ramona books are very funny and the best for kids from 7-13 I think. Even my mom likes them.


Magic tree house Dingoes at Dinner Time #20 (4/00)

by Mary Pope Osborne

Annie and Jack had found the most wonderful thing in the woods. They loved it. It was a magic tree house. There were magic books inside. And if you point to a picture and say, "I wish we can go there." you can realy go there!

And now Jack and Annie are going to Australia. The tree house's books are there because a person named Morgan is a librarian that gos around the would and gets books for her tree house.

Now Jack and Annie have to go to Australia to get a clue to free a dog, Teddy from a bad spell.

"Jack," said Annie. "Do you hear it?" "Hear what?" Teddys calling us." Teddy was a dog who helped Jack and Annie find clues. They ran to the treehouse. They found a book opened. They pointed to a picture of the book and said "I wish we could go there." The tree house spined. Jack closed his eyes. Then he opened them and Jack and Annie were in a new tree. They climbed out of the tree on a ladder. Annie and Jack notest that they had neat hats on. Then they saw a fuzzy thing in the distans. It was a koala. They went farther and saw some big feet. I was a kangaroo. And not just any kangaroo it was a mother. She woke up because Annie broke a branch when she stepped on it. The kangaroo was mad and Annie and the kangaroo were doing a contest who could hop higher. "She can hop out you anytime Annie" said Jack. Annie didn't care. Then dingoes apeard. The mother kangaroo started to run and she threw her baby out. Jack said, "It was because the mother will out run the dingoes. Then come back to her joey."

Annie new Jack read that from the book. And she was right. Jack read again A joey is a baby kangaroo. Jack and Annie saw smoke. It was a fire. They put the joey in Jack's pack. And ran. But Annie went back and she returned with the koala. Then they found a cave and went inside. When they were abaot to go outside it started to rain. when it stoped raining, they went outside and ran to the place where the mother kangaroo threw her baby out. The kangaroo gave Jack and Annie a gift and then they went to the tree house. There was Morgan. Jack put the gift where he put the other gifts he got. The dog, Teddy turnd into a human. Then they went to dinner.

This is one of my favorite magic tree house books. I like the magic tree house books because: Jack likes to read and take notes like me. Annie takes chances like me. And I like the adventure.


Under the Ground (4/00)

Like the magic school bus this is a learning book. This book tells you about things living under the ground. I like this First Discovery book because I learned things that I thought were amazing. Like: A king fisher tunnels into the river bank to nest and lay her eggs. A prawn lives under the sand. When the tide is out you can see them.

And I also like this book because the pictures are nice and clear. And its like a find and point game.


The Magic School Bus Inside the humans body (3/00)

I think that the Magic School Bus books are for people who like to lrean. I like to lrean about the humans body. So I read this book. The most interesting part was when they went in the haert. I think this book tells you a lot about your blood. this book is excellint for people who like to lrean about the human body.

Interesting thing about the haert: Inside the haert are four hollow spaces called chambers.

Strange things about your blood: blood is not jest a red liquid. blood is made of cells, floating in a clear fluid. Red blood cells carry oxygen. The white blood cell eats germs.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2/00)

by Judi Barrett and Ron Barret

This book is about a grandpa telling his grandkids about a land named Chewandswallow. Chewandswallow had no super markets, because food came down from the sky. In the restaurant there were no tops. It was a nice place to live. Then a storm came. And Chewandswallaw was covered with every thing you can eat. So everyone had to move because Chewandsallows school was covered in a big pancake. And then grandpa said "The people from Chewandswallow learned how to shop in supermakets. And they never went back" 

The next day the grandkids looked out the window and saw snow on the hill and the sun rise and it looked like mashed potatos and butter.


The Blind Pony (1/00)

by Jeanne Betancourt

Kim is a new girl in the pony pals group. She has a blind pony. She wants to keep it a secret, but Pam (one of the pony pals) thinks something is wrong with Dandy (Kim's pony.) She finds out that Dandy is blind. And the other pony pals find out too. Kim tells them why she keeps it a secret, because her parents want her pony to be perfect and if they find out Dandy is blind Kim can't keep him. The pony pals want to help Kim and the pony pal's ponys want to help too.

Pam's Dad is a veterinerian and Pam thinks her Dad can help. Lulu (a pony pal) thinks the pony pals can help train Dandy. So he will know where everything is. So he won't bump into things. Anna (another pony pal) thinks Dandy should be with other ponys. And Kim thinks the three ideas are great.

The next morning they went to the vet. The vet said "I am sorry. Dandy has a tumor that I can not cure." Kim was very sad. The next day they had a pony pal meeting. They made a list of training.

The note said: "Walking around field on loose lead. Riding around field at walk with rails and hay bale. Riding around field at trot. Trotting around field with hay bale. Serpentines."

The next day Kim said "my parents are coming today. They say they found me a new riding teacher." 

The time went by fast. Kim told her parents the truth. Kim's parents got mad. Their faces got red, and Kims face was full of tears. Kim's parents said, "a blind pony is no good. You can't use a blind pony." Kim was angry. Kim said "Dandy is a perfect pony." But then Pam said "show them what you can do." She did, and Kim's mom said "he's not blind." And Kim got to keep Dandy.