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Aya's Page


The Twelve Dancing Princesses  (1/01)

This book is about twelve princesses dancing shoes get worn when morning comes. Every day went like that. The king was curious, so he locked the princesses bedroom. But the next morning, the princesses new dancing shoes are worned out. Many people wached the princess sleeping but nobody sucsseded. Then a handsome shepered boy came, and became the castle's royal gardener. He made twelve bouquets for the princesses. Eleven of them took the bouquets without looking at Peter, the gardener. but the youngest princess. Princess Elise looked at Peter and said to her Sisters Peter is handsome. Peter fell in love with Elise. One day, Peter found a flower that makes you invisible. with that, he follwed the princesses invisible to an enchanted marble catsle. Every night Peter followed the Princesses. At last he married Elise.


The Berestain Bears' Christmas Tree (9/00)

Papa Bear wanted to have a fine tree for Chrismas. But Mama said it would be eaiser to buy Grizzly Gus's freshcut Chrismas Trees.

But Papa and the cubs went out to go and find a tree.

But finally, he gave up when he saw the Bird's Chrismas tree was a tiny twig.


If I Ran the Zoo (9/00)

Gerald McGrew thinks if runs a zoo, he'll make a few changes, but really he wanted to make a lot of changes. 

He'll catch a Elephant-Cat, a Bustard, a Flustard, a family of Lunks, a Mulligatawny, an Iota, a Thwerll to name some.


How to catch a Flying Saucer

This is about UFOs and how to become UFOlogist.

This book tells us that a UFO is similar to ghosts, and only crazy people see UFOs.

The person who made this book says he copied the UFO stories from the library books.


The Worst Witch (6/00)

This is about a witch named Mildred Hubble who is at her first year at the Academy for Witches. 

She gets into trouble.

At the Laughter Potion test, she made an Invistebly Potion.

She broke her broomstick, and turned Ethel Hallow into a pig. 

At Halloween, Mildred done something wrong and and that evening, she ran away with her cat.

In the forrest, she overheard some witches were planing to take over the school by drinking the Invitebly potion, flying their broomsticks over the wall and inside the school, changing everyone into frogs.

Mildred turned the witches into snails.

I liked this book because it is exciting and I liked it when Mildred turned the Witches into snails.


A Ghost in the House (6/00)

This is a very spooky book about a girl named Sarah Prescot, who was the only one who heard tapping in the closets and when she was alone with her great-aunt, she once heard a door slam, and in the end, she met an ghost.


Mystery at Ski Jump (5/00)

This mystery is about a women named Mitzi Channing who is from Forest Fur Company. She goes around using the name Nancy Drew.

She left an hotel without paying. Her husband sended an fake telegram to Nancy. 

Nancy fond out that the telgram was a hoax.


The Secret of the Forgotten city. (5/00)

This is about Nancy Drew and her friends went to find some gold. 

They found an underground river. An Bead, an clay doll, an golden nugget. At last they found the hidden golden plates.


The Secret of the Golden Pavilion. (5/00)

This is a mystry at Hawai, where Nancy Drew tries to find out about the mystry of the golden Pavilion, which the secret is an treasure hidden in the roof. Nancy also tries to find out the "Double Scorps,"  short for "Double Scorpions."


The Spider Sapphire Mystry. (5/00)

The Spider Sapphire Mystry is about first, the Spider Sapphire was stolen. Next, Nancy Drew's frined Ned Nickerson gets kidnapped.

Then, it is about the monsterous plane ride, the monkey who stole Glen's wig, and kidnapped George, but the monkey is really Swahil Joe.

The detective have all sorts of troubles and problems. 

Sometimes, an dead end and gets the wrong person, or goes on farther.