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Anna's Page

All About Me


Red Riding Hood  (2/01)

James Marshall

This book is interesting because the pictures were nice.  There was a girl living next to the wood. I want to live next to the wood, too. I think that the girl is lucky to go in the wood by herself.  I think that wolves can't speak. The wolf said pick some sunflowers. Then the wolf ran to the Granny's house and ate the big Granny.

And the wolf slept. Then Red Riding Hood came and she saw that her Granny had changed. But then a hunter came and killed the wolf and got the Granny out and she never said a word to a stranger.


A day in London  (12/00)

By Roderick Hunt

They went to the waxworks. The bit which was funny was when Gran dropped her handbag and the money fell out. She bumped in to the models and then the heads fell off the models and Gran picked the heads up. She put the heads back on but the heads weren't on the right models. If I did that I think I would put the heads on the right models.


The Outing (6/00)

By Roderick Hunt

I think this book is interesting because the children went to the zoo, but when the children got there it began to rain and Nadim said, "can we go to the museum?" to Mrs May, and Mrs May said yes and they went to the museum. They saw the dinosaurs. Biff took a photograph t the children went to a shop. Wilf got a book and Nadim got a model of an apatosaurus.

Wilf and Chip helped Nadim to make the model. When Biff came out of the bus she dropped her lunch. 

I think that anyone who reads this book will enjoy the pictures. First when I read this book I couldn't read "apatosaurus" but by the end I could. So I feel happy because I can read  this long word.       


In the garden (6/00)

By Roderick Hunt

This book was boring because the adventure was in the garden. But in the end Dad was shocked because in the adventure the children ate the bottoms of the strawberries and he thought that some big slugs had eaten them! But actually the children ate them. This was funny.


Life Cycle of a Frog (5/00)

By Angela Royston

I like this book because it tells all about frogs. I am very interested in frogs now because I am keeping 3 tadpoles in a tank on the balcony. My tadpoles have got their backlegs now. We will let them go when they are frogs. 




I Want to be big (5/00)

By Tony Ross

I thought this book was funny because the little princess who wanted to grow up smeared lipstick all over her face. She wanted to be taller but in the end she found that she was taller than her little brother.




The Secret Garden (4/00)

By Frances Hodgson Burnett

I like this book because the garden was pretty and the book was interesting. I was happy that Colin could walk and run and his illness got better and Mary found the key for the secret garden.


The whatsit  (4/00)

By Roderick Hunt, Alex Brychta

I knew what a whatsit was because I read it at the end. It was a wool winder, but my daddy thought it was an umbrella. I told Daddy but Daddy wasn't sure about it. When I showed him the picture he did believe me.  I want a whatsit too.



Owl at home (3/00)

by Arnold Lobel

I like this book because owl went in to his bed and owl saw two bumps in his bed and he didn't realise the two bumps were his toes and the bumps grew but that was his knees. So he went downstairs and he slept in his chair.




Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping  (2/00)

by Peggy Parish 

I like this book because Amelia Bedelia jumped in to the river and she caught a fish with her clothes. So when she got out of the river she was Soaking wet. So she got in to her dry clothes but she didn't hav any moore dry clothes. Mr Rogers said to Amelia Bedelia it's lunch So Amelia Bedelia did put in pine cones and sticks and she did sit beside the fire but it didn't start and Amelia Bedelia did put in coffee in the fire but still it didn't start then Mr Rogers and Mrs Rogers came and Mr Rogers said did you use sume match but she didn't do it


The Runaway Bunny  (5/99)

by Peggy Parish 

I thought the bunny was funny and I thought the bunny was great because he did fly like a bird. I wont to fly like a bird too, and I want to be funny.